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Even though I do not have as much experience as others do in the real job world, my past has helped me form the necessary skills that are needed to succeed in whatever situation may be thrown at me. I possess the knowledge and work ethic to power through tasks, whether it be for an analytics job or a management position.



In order to be a good manager, there are several small skills that are needed. Management positions require an individual who is good at solving problems, pushes their workers to be the best they can be, and knows how to communicate with people. Being on sports teams has helped me grow and build upon these skills that would make me a good manager someday.



As I am progressing in my Bachelor's degree in Sports Marketing & Analytics, the analytics side of marketing is very intriguing to me. I have always been good at math and crunching numbers has never been a problem for me. I am confident that I would be able to analyze certain situations and provide the best possible way to achieve a task.

Skills: Skills
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